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"SA is not something you join, it's a way of life"

The Venue which was chosen to host the International Convention is a spiritual center, which history you can read below. It is a peaceful place, with a sober and dignified atmosphere, especially conducive to the spiritual encounter which we will have here.

The Retreat House is very discreet and respectful of all faiths and open to encounters where mutual respect, tolerance and spiritual growth is valued. No one will feel uncomfortable here. However, for those who prefer accommodation elsewhere, a very nearby hotel is available.

The Retreat House has everything needed to make our stay pleasant: spacious rooms, wifi, soft drinks and snacks area, garden; from many rooms you can see the beautiful nature landscape of the Sierra de Guadarrama.

Casa San José

The Retreat House San Jose de El Escorial was built in the 60s and inaugurated in 1966. It rose on the grounds where the congregation had an old house which served as a “scholasticate” (seminary) for the training and studies of its provincial members. With the increase of vocations in those days the old house became too small and the province decided to build a new one.

The project was ambitious: to make a building in the shape of a "Y" with two wings and a foot in the form of a bellows, topped with a prayer house, completing the building and rising like a shadow over the surrounding rooftops. Everything is surrounded by a beautiful garden with well-grown trees, like banana trees, pines and conifers ... All in harmony with the surrounding mountains.

But then all congregations experienced a big drop in vocations and it was necessary to trim the project. The wings of the rooms were originally designed to be equally long, but instead a long wing and a short wing were built, still containing more than 100 rooms for students and teachers. In the 70s the house started being used as a retreat house for groups.

In the 90s a major overhaul of the house was undertaken, making rooms with bathrooms, and creating halls, corridors and gathering spaces. The result is a center with 190 rooms, almost all double; spacious halls; meeting rooms; and dining rooms for groups of more than 500 people. And of course, the beautiful and vast garden where you can walk, talk or just sit and watch the squirrels and birds or take a dip in the pool. The Retreat House hosts meetings of groups, associations and congregations ... and is open to all who want to be in it.

For those who wish to stay overnight in a traditional hotel, there is the possibility of staying at the "Sercotel Los Lanceros" which is located at a 10 minutes walk from the convention venue.

Sercotel Los Lanceros

Welcome to the Sercotel Los Lanceros Hotel , a hotel with a fabulous location in Madrid, in the northern area of San Lorenzo de El Escorial, in front of the Felipe II Park.

Our 3-star hotel in San Lorenzo del Escorial has a modern, welcoming and familiar atmosphere which makes it a perfect place to stay when visiting the famous El Escorial Monastery and the historical and cultural legacy of its fabulous surroundings.

Welcome to a comfortable accommodation with 36 functional rooms of modern design with LED lightning, wooden flooring beech tree and walnut furniture. All rooms are equipped with all the necessary details to guarantee the success of your romantic trip and cultural visit to San Lorenzo de El Escorial.