How to get there?

Convention Venue

San Jose Retreat House (Casa E. San José)
Avenida Reyes Católicos 12
28280 El Escorial (Madrid)
Télf.: +34 918 900 200

Full route from the airport by train

(Recommended option: 1h 24m)

How to get from Madrid Airport?

Option 1: Commuter train from the airport to Chamartin train change. (The cost is about €4.05). The journey is about 90 min. Although it depends on the arrival terminal and transfer between terminals.)

  1. Go to train station "Cercanías Renfe" at the -1 floor of terminal T4 airport. If your flight arrives at a different terminal, take the free bus to go to T4.
  2. Get a ticket to "El Escorial". Take train line C1, which is the only one out here, and get off at the 3rd station "Chamartin", because you have to transfer to another train.
  3. When you step off the train in Chamartin, look at the information panel to see on which platform to take the train with destination "El Escorial" and for the time remaining for departure. The time you have to do so will be enough (8-10 min). In general, the platform is number 5, but you better look at the information panel to see if there are any changes. To change platform use the tunnel under the platforms. Then wait on the platform for the right train to arrive.

At the end of this page you can find a complete guide with photographs

Option 2: Metro - train. (Cost About 9.5 €, but simpler than Option 1 and with a similar or slightly longer travel time (as it is not coordinated with the arrival of the metro).

  1. Take the Metro from Terminals T2 or T4 to station "Nuevos Ministerios".
  2. Without leaving the station, go to the area "Cercanías Renfe" to buy your ticket to "El Escorial" in one of the vending machines and head to the platform indicated by the information panel to take the train.

After about 55 minutes, both from Chamartin and Nuevos Ministerios, you will arrive at the station of El Escorial. To go from the station to the Convention Center follow the dots indicated on this plan.

How to get to the venue from the Medium and Long Distance train stations?

In Madrid there are two main stations: Atocha and Chamartin. In each of them just take the local train to "El Escorial"

How to get from anywhere in Madrid?


  • From any of the stations of Cercanías Network take the train to "El Escorial".
    By Intercity bus:
  • Go to Moncloa and then take the interurban Line 661 to San Lorenzo de El Escorial. This bus stops at El Escorial. You should ask the driver to warn you to stop at the Retreat House San Jose.

By highway:

  • On the highway A6, take the exit 47 M-600 Escorial - Guadarrama. Then on the roundabout take the M-600 to “El Escorial”. The easiest way to get there is through San Lorenzo de El Escorial
  • The ideal and most recommended way is to put the address of the Convention Center in your GPS. It will take you there without any problem.

We will also have a shuttle service from the airport.

Guide about how to get to El Escorial from Madrid Airport by train

When you arrive to Madrid Airport you need to get to the TERMINAL  4 (T4). If you arrive to T1, T2 or T3 there are free busses which will take you to T4

Once you arrive at T4 ask for the RENFE Cercanias Station

Right at the entrance to Renfe Station there are ticket machines where you buy the Renfe Cercanias ticket. You need to select: Adulto Ida (Adult one way) à then the destination: El Escorial

The ticket looks as it is shown below. The price in Feb 2018 was 4.05 Eur. The ticket here was purchased at 10h00:28 and above the ticket shows also that it is valid until 12h00 which means you need to enter the train at the Madrid-Chamartin Station (explained below) not later than 12h00

With this ticket you continue to the train platform

From the platform you take any train and get out at the third stop which will be Madrid Chamartin Station:

From this station you will get another train which will take you directly to El Escorial. At this station you need to go to the mail hall called in Spanish Vestibulo

There you need to look for train schedule screen. The below screen shows that the train to El Escorial leaves from Platform 4 in 2 minutes. Usually the trains from Madrid Chamartin to El Escorial leave from Platform 4 or 5 (but sometimes it may be another platform as well so check it well)

This train will take you to El Escorial…