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Extra Services

  • Here you have the 3 Extra Services you can book following the instructions in each one.​
  • ​The payment of these services can be done in one ONLY payment or individually for each one. Here you have the payment options.​
  • ​Please fill in the Registration form of Extra Services clicking on the button at the end.​

1- To make reservations for Extra Fellowshipping Days - before or after the Convention -

This reservation is separate from your Convention Registration.

The Convention Registration goes from the afternoon of Friday (the 11th of Jan) until after the lunch on Sunday (the 13th of Jan). It is possible to reserve extra days from Wednesday (the 9th of Jan) in the afternoon until the beginning of the Convention and/or from the closing of the Convention on Sunday until Tuesday (the 15th of Jan) after breakfast.

The reservation is for full days, from the sunset of one day to the sunset of the next. In other words, each day includes dinner, night accommodation, and breakfast and lunch of the next day. Except for the Tuesday lunch which will be replaced by a "picknick" bag. (It is not possible to book other combinations, like “only accommodation” or “meals only”, etc.)

  1. In the Price Table of Extra Fellowshipping Days you have the price of each service:
    • Reservation Cost, which has to be included in each option.
    • For a full day: dinner, room for one night, and breakfast and lunch the next day. The price is per day: so multiply the number of days you want to reserve with the corresponding amount in the price table.
  2. Add the amounts that correspond to your reservation with the services of your choice and pay the total amount through any of the payment methods below.
  3. Fill in the Extra Services Form by clicking on the button at the end. You can also download and print the Form of Extra Days in PDF by clicking in the button 'Extradays pdf'​

Reservation prices and extra days per person


  • You can only pay in Euros.
  • No places guaranteed after December 15.
 Till the 31th of OctoberTill the 15th of DecemberAfter the 15th of December
SingleDouble / tripleSingleDouble / tripleSingleDouble / triple
One Day (Dinner, Room, Breakfast and Lunch)€ 80€ 65€ 80€ 65€ 80€ 65

2- Book the Shuttle Airport to El Escorial (Casa San José)

  • ​You can book this service ONLY until November 30th 2018​
  • This Service offers: ​
    • ​From the airport to El Escorial (Casa San José) from 9.00 am Wednesday 9th of January until 1.00 pm Saturday 12th of January.​
    • ​From the The Escorial (Casa San José) to the airport from 7.00 am Sunday 13th of January until 10.00 am Tuesday 15th of January.​
  • The price is € 40 per person, per trip​.
  • ​Calculate the amount according to the trips you are booking and pay using one of the methods below.​
  • Please fill in the Form of Extra Services on line by clicking on the button which is at the end.​

3- Book Kosher Food​ Service

  • This service can be booked for the 2 days of the Convention, as well as ​for extra days (before or after Convention)
  • The cost for 2 days at the Convention is € 120. Tis includes: from Friday dinner to Sunday Lunch.​
  • The cost for extra days is € 60 per day. One day includes dinner, breakfast and lunch. (to coincide with the Convention meals)
  • To contract this service.​
    1. Please click the box of Kosher Food in the Registration Form and in the Extra Days form (if you are staying extra days)
    2. The payment is separate from the Convention. Calculate the amount acording to the prices we have mentioned (€ 120 Convention + € 60 per extra day)
    3. Please fill in the Form of Extra Services on line clicking on the button that you find at the end.​

Payment methods

Whatever method you use, include your name and your email when making the payment and in this way we can double-check your registration and have your references in case we need to contact you.

Whatever method you use, please include your name and your email when making the payment. In this way we will make a double-check and we have your reference in case we need to contact you.

It is important to verify that the amount you are going to pay is correct and corresponds to the reservations plus any services you have chosen.

PayPal / Debit or Credit Card Button

  • An additional fee of € 7 / person will be added to the price.

Bank Transfer                       

  • Payable to OSGSA
  • IBAN  ES4121000174940200723668
  • There should be no more expenses than the ones your bank is charging you.

Other transfer methods of your choice

  • Use the detailed information of OSGSA given in the above point (Recipient, IBAN and BIC / SWIFT)
  • For those who are outside the Eurozone there is a service provided through  that facilitates the transaction between your bank and the bank of Spain allowing you to send the money with very competitive rates (around € 4 regardless of the amount you send or the country of origin (USA, United Kingdom, Poland, Russia, Israel or any other))
  • If you have any other preferred payment method which works for you, do not hesitate to use it.

Pay by PayPal

Your full name and your mail:

Pay by transfer from outside the Eurozone

Instructions to complete the worldremit form:

  • First Name:                OSGSA
  • Last Name:                OSGSA
  • City/Town:                  Madrid
  • Country:                     Spain
  • Mobile Phone (+34):  633658812
  • Sending Reason:       Purchase of Services (or To friends and family)
  • Bank Name:               Caixabank
  • IBAN:                         ES4121000174940200723668 (without any free spaces)
  • BIC/SWIFT:                CAIXESBBXXX

Go to Worldremit

Extra Services Form 


As long as you do not complete and send the online form, your reservation is not made even if you paid. After we have checked both payment and registration, we will send you a confirmation email.

Cancellation policy

You can cancel your reservation by notifying the Organizing Committee per email:

  • If the cancellation is notified up to 30 days before the start of the event, you will be refunded 100% of the amount you have paid minus expenses generated by the return.
  • If the cancellation takes place the last 30 days before the Convention, nothing will be reimbursed - except with an official proof of force majeure.
  • Returns will be made within three months after the end of the Convention.