Privacy Policy


Sexaholics Anonymous, hereinafter SA, is a non-profit social purposes and helps people who request and obtain information about the Twelve Step Program of Recovery SA for sex addiction. The association is duly registered and meets the requirements of current legislation.

SA is the owner of the website (hereinafter the Website) which complies with the applicable regulations regarding creation, content and purpose, and any requirement under the rules governing the website indicated.

According to the statutes governing the association, particularly with regard to anonymity and confidentiality period, no file will be created with data that could be provided by who agreed to this Web site. If an interested party will contact the association through this website any file or record that includes personal data on it will not be created.

Data that could be provided through this website purely organizational purposes, to join any activity organized by SA, will be treated with utmost confidentiality and will only be used for the purpose for which they were provided.

SA guarantees that it has taken appropriate security measures to prevent data protection referred to above, and for the misuse that might occur from the web by anyone who Aceda to it.

SA shall not transfer in any case the personal data of those who had knowledge for the reasons stated above and effects.

The portal which is owned by SA contains links to third party websites whose privacy policies and content are unrelated to those of SA and it is not responsible.

Anyone who accesses the website SA must be of legal age.

cancellation or rectification under the law of any personal data that may appear on the web, these effects reminding that there will be no record of people who access the same is guaranteed.